TBNA - Texas Bar & Night Club Alliance

Why Join?

  • Bars and nightclubs have been the only segment in Texas without a voice and without an organized front.


  • Bars and Nightclubs have been the target of unjust state taxes, overzealous alcohol laws and regulations to subsidize money shortfalls within the state.


  • With this Alliance we now have that voice to relay our concerns not only to the city officials but to the state officials as well.
  • By combining resources, information and networking, we can build a defense capable of stopping negative challenges as well as providing purchasing power.


  • Eligible for a custom underwritten insurance policy which contains general and liquor liability with major premium savings based on the pooling of risks among responsible operators.


  • Access to direct lines of communication to Local Police Officials.
    – Increase security and safety through proper allocation of Police Officers.
Ben E. Keith - Special Group Pricing for TBNA Members

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How Bar Owners Can Save Money With TBNA

  • Significant savings due to the insurance programs specifically tailored to bar & nightclub owners.  Contact TBNA for details.
  • Free seminars for employees on TABC laws and regulations given by previous TABC prosecutors now in private practice.

Take Advantage of our Group Buying Programs

  • Purchasing Consultant showing how to save on your overall monthly bar purchases
  • Receive 4 VIP TBNA Convention Tickets worth a savings of $120 per year
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